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Sam Partland

"Rank Revival makes it easy to keep track of what we've already optimised, the priority list saves time managing my writers by giving them a clear roadmap, and the AI audits save my writers time by highlighting what we're missing instantly."

Sam Partland - Enterprise SEO @ SammySEO

Caitlin Riordan

"Rankrevival has helped me keep track of client performance and saved time on needlessly optimising pages that don't need it. I have been able to improve page rankings for several clients using Rankrevival, drive more traffic to site and ultimately boost conversions."

Caitlin Riordan - Content Manager @ Intender

Content Optimization Priority & AI Auditing

Get 12 content auditing credits free. Buy additional credit packs if needed. Credits roll over.
Content audit, and optimization notes free are for as long as you have credits available

Rank Revival dashboard screenshot

Effortlessly Identify Content Opportunities

Rank Revival analyzes your Google Search Console data to surface the pages on your site that have declined the most in clicks. Easily spot year-over-year trends to prioritize pages in need of a refresh. Focus your content optimization efforts where they'll have the biggest impact.

AI content recommendations

AI-Powered Content Recommendations

Get specific suggestions on how to improve each piece of content with Rank Revival's AI analysis tools. Discover opportunities to add helpful elements like statistics, tables, expert quotes, sources, definitions of technical terms, and more. Ensure your content aligns with Google's Helpful Content guidelines.

Task management dashboard

Workflow for Content Teams

Track progress with Rank Revival's task management features. Add notes on optimizations made to each page and control how long before a page becomes eligible for re-optimization. Generate reports to measure output by writer over custom date ranges. Great for managing content teams of any size.

Competitor analysis interface

Competitor Content Gap Analysis

Uncover topics and subtopics covered by your top ranking competitors that your content may be missing. Rank Revival's competitor content audit tool helps you identify gaps and opportunities to make your pages more comprehensive than competing pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rank Revival downloads your website data from Google Search Console, and sorts it by the URLs that have been declining in traffic over time. This allows you and your team to focus refreshing content that needs it the most.

We have a built-in notes and calendar system that lets you keep detailed notes about what you've changed in your content and when. You can hide your optimized content for a scheduled amount of time, and after that time period has passed, the page can reappear in your to-do list - but only if traffic is still declining after the changes you made.

As time passes, new competitors have released more useful, comprehensive articles, or older information or facts may have changed. Updating older content periodically allows both your users and the search engines to understand that they're reading fresh and valuable information.

If your traffic is declining over time, or if you've never ranked highly for your chosen keyword, your content may be evergreen, but it's likely missed the mark. If no one is finding your content, refreshing it or even completely rewriting it from a new angle may be what is needed.

Our AI audits are trained on the same methods we teach our writers and editors to do content audits. Right now, we have 3 audits with more to come. The Helpful Content audit analyzes your article against the questions in Google's help doc and gives recommendations on what could be improved. Our competitor audit looks for topics your competitors have covered that are missing from your articles, and our Information Gain audit looks for ways you could incorporate useful and interesting data, quotes, and citations into your existing content.

Right now, our main focus is on article and blog content. But yes, it does also work for any type of page. In the future, we'll also be adding page type-specific AI audits. The most important thing is to choose similar pages when running the competition audit. If you're auditing a product page, choose 3 other product pages to audit against. Auditing a product page against blogs or forums is unlikely to give helpful results.

Right now, we're working with a credit system. New users get 10 free credits to try our AI audits. Credits never expire, and as long as you have credits available, you can continue to use the refresh priority and notes system. 20 credits cost $20, 50 credits are $45, and 100 credits are $80. Right now, you can use the coupon code EARLYBIRD to get 50% off credits.

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