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Content Optimization Priority & AI Auditing

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Effortlessly Identify Content Opportunities

Rank Revival analyzes your Google Search Console data to surface the pages on your site that have declined the most in clicks. Easily spot year-over-year trends to prioritize pages in need of a refresh. Focus your content optimization efforts where they'll have the biggest impact.

AI content recommendations

AI-Powered Content Recommendations

Get specific suggestions on how to improve each piece of content with Rank Revival's AI analysis tools. Discover opportunities to add helpful elements like statistics, tables, expert quotes, sources, definitions of technical terms, and more. Ensure your content aligns with Google's Helpful Content guidelines.

Task management dashboard

Workflow for Content Teams

Track progress with Rank Revival's task management features. Add notes on optimizations made to each page and control how long before a page becomes eligible for re-optimization. Generate reports to measure output by writer over custom date ranges. Great for managing content teams of any size.

Competitor analysis interface

Competitor Content Gap Analysis

Uncover topics and subtopics covered by your top ranking competitors that your content may be missing. Rank Revival's competitor content audit tool helps you identify gaps and opportunities to make your pages more comprehensive than competing pages.